Charter Oak Brass Band

(Formerly Classic Brass)

Connecticut’s Premier British Brass Band



Charter Oak Brass Band - 18 November 2017 - ECSU

The Charter Oak Brass Band is a 28-piece musical ensemble whose distinctive sound comes from its all-brass instrumentation. Based on the British brass band model, the group combines cornets, trombones and tubas with less familiar instruments, such as upright Eb horns and euphoniums, to produce its unique, thrilling, and dramatic sound. The Charter Oak Brass Band is based in eastern Connecticut and has been performing since 1988, although until the summer of 2018, the band’s name was “Classic Brass”.

The British brass band tradition started during the Industrial Revolution, when many companies in England sponsored their own musical groups as a recreational diversion for their employees. Over time the bands evolved into highly skilled, professional-caliber ensembles. British-style brass bands have become part of the American musical scene as well, with groups such as Charter Oak Brass Band performing across the U.S.

The Charter Oak Brass Band performs in a wide variety of musical styles. These include classical and symphonic pieces, marches, popular and nostalgic tunes from America’s musical past, music from Broadway, the Swing Band era and holiday music.

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